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MedSavvy Pharmacist Consults Employee on Mixing Antihistamine Meds with Other Prescriptions— Saving Trip to the Doctor

PharmacistA MedSavvy user submitted a question through our Ask A Pharmacist service regarding antihistamine recommendations that would not interact with his existing medications. The pharmacist suggested a helpful antihistamine medication and confirmed there were no significant drug interactions between the suggested antihistamine medication, nor any other medications listed in his virtual medicine cabinet. Additionally, our pharmacist provided the user with helpful information that guided him through an alternative selection of antihistamine medications, as well as provided him with situations in which a nasal steroid may be preferred over an oral antihistamine.

MedSavvy’s Ask A Pharmacist feature helped save this user a potential trip to the doctor’s office, which is all the more helpful now during COVID-19.


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MedSavvy is a unique and innovative employee benefit that helps employers and employees save on medication costs, while improving health and therefore productivity. MedSavvy provides employees with online access to medication costs, quality, and side effects in side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, our team of pharmacists provide online consultations and grade medications using a rigorous evidence-based system. MedSavvy integrates with your existing pharmacy benefit plan as well, and the costs are customized to your health plan and location! 

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