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About Dr. Sean Karbowicz

Dr. Sean Karbowicz

Dr. Sean Karbowicz founded MedSavvy and served as MedSavvy's General Manager through July 2020. Dr. Karbowicz worked to champion best practices that evaluate scientific evidence to predict the performance of medications. 

Dr. Karbowicz founded MedSavvy because he saw an opportunity to put this powerful information in the hands of patients and providers. He understood that presenting this information in a way that is easy to use could help reduce the hassles of getting the best medication at the lowest possible cost. 

Dr. Karbowicz received his Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, his Doctor of Pharmacy degree jointly from Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Science University, and he completed a residency in Drug Information at Oregon Health and Science University.


  • Watch Dr. Karbowicz lead on a panel discussion on the important of medication price and transparency at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Health Care Summit. 
  • Under his leadership, MedSavvy was awarded the the Health Care Innovation Award in 2018. The Health Care Innovation Award is presented to an Oregon or S.W. Washington organization for developing an innovative product or service with disruptive and scalable potential. The innovation should be expansive in scope, giving it the potential to dramatically change and improve current practices in health care delivery, efficiencies or treatment and impact a significant population of health care consumers. The Portland Business Journal , September, 2018

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