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Pharmacist Discovered Bad Combination of Meds for User

Pharmacist found a severely depressed man was inadvertently taking a prescription known to make depression worse.

There are thousands of medications that people will take for different medical conditions. There’s blood pressure medication, respiratory medication, antidepressants, etc. They all have their own medical benefits and side effects. However, sometimes when you’re prescribed various medications, the side effects from one can impact other medical conditions. A pharmacist** was able to catch a bad combo for one man who tried to commit suicide twice.  

Pharmacist helps man find alternative medication for his depression



Joe* suffers from severe depression, takes medication to help cope with severe depression in addition to other meds. However, when his wife saw he wasn’t getting any better, she reached out to the readily available pharmacist team.  

All of Joe’s prescriptions were loaded into MedSavvy’s virtual medicine cabinet based on his insurance claims to help the pharmacists see what medications he was taking. The pharmacist was able to determine that Joe’s medication he takes for his heart condition is known to worsen depression in some people. The pharmacist was able to help Joe’s wife find an equally effective, affordable medication for his heart condition. 

Joe’s wife took the recommendations to Joe’s cardiologist, who immediately made the change. 


About MedSavvy: 

MedSavvy is a unique and innovative health benefit that helps Medicare Members save on medication costs, while improving health and therefore productivity. MedSavvy provides members with online access to medication costs, quality, and side effects in side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, our team of pharmacists* provide online consultations and grade medications using a rigorous evidence-based system. MedSavvy integrates with your existing pharmacy benefit plan as well, and the costs are customized to your health plan and location! 

MedSavvy®  grades how well drugs work.  

If you would like additional information on MedSavvy:

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If you need help finding the right medication for you or want to see if there is an equally effective, cheaper alternative, you can always reach out to a MedSavvy pharmacist through our Ask A Pharmacist feature. 

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the patient. 

**Pharmacy and pharmacist services are provided by JourniRx, Inc. (a licensed pharmacy).