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MedSavvy user finds arthritis medication with added savings and reduced side effects

See all your medication options in MedSavvy. Choose the right one for you with a helpful pharmacist.

Medication savingsEven when considering medications of the same drug class, remember that they’re not all the same. (Pharmacists exist because keeping track requires serious skill—and lots of school!)

Often, multiple medications serve one or more similar purposes but have additional effects that are different, by design, for specific use cases. Familiar pain relief medications, such as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), are a great example: many people are more likely to take Acetaminophen for a fever and use Ibuprofen for muscle aches.

Recently, Lawrence* was taking Etodolac, a prescription NSAID, for his arthritis. He was curious about what arthritis medications were out there, so he used MedSavvy to do some research. After uploading Etodolac to his MedSavvy medicine cabinet he was able to see a list of comparable medications. Realizing there’s quite a few to choose from, he requested to have an online pharmacist** consultation to help him select the best option.

The pharmacist suggested several lower-cost NSAIDs that would save Lawrence up to $20 per fill (he had been paying $26 every 90 days). They also investigated potential side effects and identified NSAIDs with less risk of GI (gastrointestinal) issues.


“I like to be informed but sometimes doing the research on my own results in information overload. It’s great to see all my options and have the guidance of a knowledgeable pharmacist to help me be decisive and make the most educated choice when it comes to my health.” - Lawrence 


When it comes to practicing medicine, it’s a pharmacist’s job to know the differences between medications and how they interact with other drugs and with your body or conditions you may have. Our expert pharmacists help patients and physicians compare prescriptions based on criteria such as cost, safety, side effects, effectiveness, or just plain curiosity to find the best option.


About MedSavvy: 

MedSavvy is a unique and innovative health benefit that helps Medicare Members save on medication costs, while improving health and therefore productivity. MedSavvy provides members with online access to medication costs, quality, and side effects in side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, our team of pharmacists* provide online consultations and grade medications using a rigorous evidence-based system. MedSavvy integrates with your existing pharmacy benefit plan as well, and the costs are customized to your health plan and location! 

MedSavvy®  grades how well drugs work.  

If you would like additional information on MedSavvy:

Learn more about MedSavvy 

If you need help finding the right medication for you or want to see if there is an equally effective, cheaper alternative, you can always reach out to a MedSavvy pharmacist through our Ask A Pharmacist feature. 

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the patient. 

**Pharmacy and pharmacist services are provided by JourniRx, Inc. (a licensed pharmacy).