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A Mother Saves $160 on Pink Eye Medication for Her Son with MedSavvy

MedSavvy can help you save on your prescriptions. The innovative employee benefit recently helped one woman save hundreds on her son’s medication. 

Mother saves hundreds on pink eye medication for her son.We’ve all seen those medication commercials with the actor staring into the camera talking about how this medication was right for them. As we enjoy the warm setting with the sun shining, we then here those famous words, “Ask you doctor if… is right for you.” 

The commercial may have left you wondering could there be a better option? You figure you’ll ask your doctor the next time you see them. However, what if there was a tool that could help you answer that question now and could even help save you money in the process? 

A woman recently took her son to the doctor to get a treatment for his pink eye. The doctor prescribed him a medication that was going to cost $170 to fill. The woman immediately signed into MedSavvy, a benefit offered by her health plan. She was able to find several alternatives, which she took to her pharmacist and compared them on MedSavvy to see if any of these other medications would work for her son. Her pharmacist was able to find a generic version of the drug for $42 per fill. The woman was also able to find other medication options on MedSavvy which came out at $7 and $5 per fill. Her doctored confirmed that all three of these medications would work for her son.  

MedSavvy not only allowed the woman to save more than $160 on her prescription, but also educated her on other medications that were available to her son. 

About MedSavvy: 

MedSavvy is a unique and innovative employee benefit that helps employers and employees save on medication costs, while improving health and therefore productivity. MedSavvy provides employees with online access to medication costs, quality, and side effects in side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, our team of pharmacists provide online consultations and grade medications using a rigorous evidence-based system. MedSavvy integrates with your existing pharmacy benefit plan as well, and the costs are customized to your health plan and location! 

MedSavvy®  grades how well drugs work.  

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