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MedSavvy Upgrade:

It’s now easier to engage with MedSavvy pharmacists after receiving a medication switch opportunity alert!

MedSavvy recently streamlined the personalized medication "switch" opportunity alert for users to easily engage with clinical pharmacists to save money on medications. 

Simply choose how you want to save on your medication…


- Switch to a different medication

- Transfer your prescriptions to a less expensive pharmacy 

- Stop taking this medication

- Change delivery method (i.e. liquids, capsules, tablets, injections, etc.)

- None of the above

And a pharmacist will research your information and respond to you within two days!

About MedSavvy: 

MedSavvy is a unique and innovative employee benefit that helps employers and employees save on medication costs, while improving health and therefore productivity. MedSavvy provides employees with online access to medication costs, quality, and side effects in side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, our team of pharmacists provide online consultations and grade medications using a rigorous evidence-based system. MedSavvy integrates with your existing pharmacy benefit plan as well, and the costs are customized to your health plan and location! 

MedSavvy®  grades how well drugs work.  




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